Guamá STP approves new resident enterprises

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The Innovation Space Building, of the Guamá Science and Technology Park, receives new ventures. The companies Center for Studies and Applications in Logistics and Environment (Cealma) and Environmental Logistics R Q LOG; and the startups Center for Research and Technology in Amazonian Biomes (CPT BioAmazon) and Multilevelbank now integrate the residents of the technology park. Inaugurated in June of 2016 Government … Read More

State Fair of Science and Technology has public record

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New worlds, new looks, new experiences, and a lot of fun, was what the 8th State Fair of Science, Technology and Innovation (ST&I) provided to the more than 15 thousand visitors who were at the Docks Station in Belém between the days 24 and 26 of October. The Fair is part of the National Science and Technology Week, whose theme … Read More

Training starts implementation of ‘Google for Education’

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A training program launched this Tuesday (24), promoted by the Secretary of State for Education (Seduc), has begun the implementation of the Google for Education internet resources platform in public schools. It is a technological solution that facilitates teaching and learning activities inside and outside the classroom, through the use of any mobile device connected to the internet. Almost 55 … Read More

Workshop “Connections: New Business Narratives” gathered audiences to discuss the issue of impact business

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The workshop “Connections: New Business Narratives”, focused on impact entrepreneurship, was held last October 17 and 18 in the Guamá Science and Technology Park (Guamá STP). The event had the partnership of the Guamá STP itself, the Program of Incubation of Technologically Based Companies (PIEBT) of the Innovation and Technology Agency of UFPA and the Institute of Corporate Citizenship (ICE). … Read More

Apex-Brasil promotes First Exportation Action in Belém

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International negotiation, exportation promotion, analysis of competitiveness attributes in foreign trade. These were the main themes of the “1st Export Action” business roundtable held on Tuesday, 5, by the Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investments (Apex-Brasil), in partnership with the Guamá Foundation in Belém. It had the purpose of enabling the selected companies to a first opportunity … Read More

PCT Guamá receives the visit of the pilgrim image of Our Lady of Nazareth

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The Guama Science and Technology Park (PCT Guamá) received the visit of the Pilgrim Image of Our Lady of Nazareth on Wednesday afternoon, 30, in the Innovation Space Building. Conducted by PCT Guamá’s director-president, representatives and Board of Directors of the Nazaré Party and Caritas Belém , the image of the Virgin Mary was greeted with prayers and religious songs … Read More

Laboratory assists free residential lighting project

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The Laboratory of Advanced Technologies in Lighting and Electrical Installations of the Center of Excellence in Energy Efficiency of the Amazon (Ceamazon), installed in the Guamá Science and Technology Park, in Belém, offers free service of elaboration of projects of residential electrical installations for families that have Income of up to R$1,800.00. The project is aimed at homes with a … Read More

UFPA’s and Guamá STP’s Incubation Program wins national award

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The Technology-Based Business Incubation Program (PIEBT) of the UFPA’s Technology Innovation Agency (Universitec), in partnership with the Guamá Science and Technology Foundation, was one of the winners of the 2nd edition of the Incubation and Acceleration of Impact Challenge, which took place last week in São Paulo. The program is nationally recognized and is organized by the Institute of Corporate Citizenship (ICE), … Read More

Innovation Space of the Guamá Technology Park receives new companies

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Construction, education, engineering, veterinary, information technology and communication, food and beverages are the sectors of new enterprises and startups approved for installation in the Innovation Space Building, at the Guamá Science and Technology Park (Guamá STP) in Belém. Labovete, Gaudens, Vivá, Calman Brasil and Solved; And the startups Casa de Várzea, Grade 33 and Basis Comply now integrate the technology … Read More

Anprotec and Samsung hold an event to promote the Creative Economy Promotion Program in Belém

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On August 4, from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., the Guamá Science and Technology Park will host the Anprotec and Samsung Road Show, an enlightening event about the third round of the Program for the Promotion of Creative Economy, held by the National Association of Promoters of Innovative Enterprises (Anprotec), Samsung and Korean Center for Creative Economy and Innovation (CCEI). … Read More