Operates in the civil construction field, with the objective of assisting the manager in taking decisions. Enables the collection of management data, in real time, about data related to the construction site. Simple and intuitive, the platform manages from the budget estimate to the physical measurements, facilitating the daily monitoring of the work development. Operates in the market since 2015 and has active customers in the states of Pará, Mato Grosso do Sul and Ceará.
WhatsApp: +55 (91) 98858 2057


This startup has emerged with the goal of connecting consumers to points of sales of açaí that meet the requirements of health surveillance. It informs which are the points of sales of the açaí juice that have the Açaí Bom seal (quality seal that guarantees that the juice production meets the requirements of health surveillance) and provides information as work and deliver hours, prices, location of the points of sales and other information.

The Açaí Pai D’égua has the mission of being the largest online network of açaí, and for that it intends to offer to the consumers of açaí the convenience of buying the juice online and receive the product wherever they want, also providing an online store for commercialization of açaí in natura and derivative products of açaí like spirits, handicrafts, biojewelry, ice creams, jellies and other.

As an incentive to the good practices of açaí handling, we seek to stimulate the food security of the products commercialized by the app, besides supporting the business of families that live out of açaí extraction and production.
Phone: +55 (91) 99836 2314


Gathers professionals with different expertise, from the isolation of plants extracts with a high degree of purity using the technology known as Extraction with Supercritical Fluid to the pre-clinical in vitro and in vivo test of the isolated extracts in experimental models of important human diseases as the Stroke, the spinal cord trauma and non-neural diseases as Diabetes and  Dyslipidemias.

The green extract aims to develop herbal medicines and phytopharmaceuticals with therapeutic actions scientifically proven, the accomplishment of cutting edge researches in the field of herbal medicines using modern biotechnology research tools. Besides herbal medicines and phytopharmaceuticals, make researches of nutraceuticals with scientifically proven actions. Offer specialized services linked to the Supercritical extraction for cosmetic purposes as well as using other tools such as immunohistochemistry and double and triple immunofluorescences, which can be used for specialized clinical diagnosis.
Phones: +55 (91) 99130 9609 / +55 (91) 3349 6066 (Dr. Walace)
+55(91) 98419 0195 (Dr Raul) / +55 (91) 3201 7741


Posti is an integrated management system that focuses at the management of the communication and the task control at the corporative environment of small and medium companies. Its competitive advantage is its innovative ability to manage the accounting professional’s workflow, making the work more collaborative and integrative. This way, optimizing the results and making possible the expansion of the client portfolio with a more compact structure, without losing any quality in the services. Provides the company savings with the costs of manpower and operating , increasing the productivity of each employee.
Phone: +55 (91) 4141 0700


The Educa Software was created based on a startup in October 2015. To contribute with the advancing of the education in the country, its members created the dynamic methodology of learning (MAD), with the objective of innovating in the traditional way of teaching, by using technologic solutions to accelerate the learning and offer quality to the teaching in the public and private schools. Also developed the PAD (Process of Dynamic Literacy) that has 3 modules of interactive software, 3 family support magazines, one magazine of social and educational strips and a book of painting activities. The main objective is to enable the family to follow the literacy process, democratize the use of educative software’s in schools and to perform, in partnership with the government, projects of acceleration of literacy.


Digital Marketing agency specialized in serving micro and small businesses. We have a method that consists in the integration of planning, executing and analysis of the results for every action performed. Starting from the implantation of this methods, integrate the digital medias as the Inbound marketing, developing the sales funnel based on the attraction, conversion, relationship and analysis, with the objective of answering the customer’s needs. Besides this services, we have digital marketing training for microentrepreneurs, independent and self-employed professionals.

Has the objective of democratize the digital marketing and help small and micro enterprises leverage their business on the internet in a continuous and sustainable way.
Phone: +55 (91) 98762 9444 / +55 (91) 98301 0953


Creator of the SSVV – Vehicle Visual Safety System, solution that aims to protect drivers in cases of Kidnapping or robbery.

Phone: +55(91) 3238-2431


Startup that works in the research of sustainable constructions in the Amazon, focusing on the socio-environmental development of the riverine. It has as a proposal to develop technologies in the search for alternatives that solve the problem of homeless river populations during the floods of the rivers in the region. It is currently in the process of developing a floodplain house with natural hydraulic elevation, which rises naturally during the flooding of rivers, thus preventing the water from invading the riverside residence. Fully sustainable and with state-of-the-art technologies, it is built with recyclable biosynthetic wood, with micro sanitation sewage treatment systems, potable water treatment, clean energy and communication.

Phone: +55(91) 983834602


Software system that aims to offer analysis and auditing of tax and tax data for companies in the Brazilian market. Startup’s mission is to simplify procedures for identifying and correcting failures in tax and accounting information in electronic files transmitted to the Tax Office, such as the XML of the NF-e, SPED Fiscal and Contributions. With BasisComply, companies can autonomously identify and correct errors in their tax and tax data, avoiding the transmission of inconsistent information to the State and eventual recurring fees/penalties.

The aim of the startup is to deconstruct the complexity of Brazilian tax and tax laws, helping companies and their accountants to better understand their business operations data, identify and correct failures that help make strategic decisions for more efficient accounting management.


Innovative learning methodology with the use of magnetic frames that promote the practical interaction of the students with the classroom contents, through a differentiated didactic model.
Contact: / +55 (91) 9 8846-2624


Wende Ecomanagement of Impact  comes to the market with the purpose of operating in the sector 2.5 of the economy, which interconnects social and environmental activities with profitability, being a business for profit and with social  inclusive objectives.  Its purpose is contained in a model focused on creating new sustainable habits, offering the market integrated solutions for the rational use of available natural resources, providing the population with economic, social and environmental results through education and the use of technologies, and contributing with the challenges of the planet’s social and environmental sustainability.

Its challenge as a business is to consolidate an innovative and transformative social and environmental base, serving as an institution that catalyses eco-efficient attitudes and giving the community the possibility of collaborating individually with the reduction of the effects of man’s action in nature through energy management + water management + waste management.

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LevelBank was born with the mission of making access to credit universal and responsible, giving the monitoring and control of the invoice to its user. It also aims to take the experience of the personal contact network to the usability of the credit card, promoting collaboration between people, connecting one person at a time.

More information: +55 (91) 9 8219-5260.