R&D Laboratories


High Voltage Laboratory (UFPA)

Offers human resources training support, conducts researches and provides services in high and extra-high voltage to the electrical sector of the North of Brazil. Offers services like certification trials for electrical components and devices in medium, high and extra-high voltage, and staff training for high voltage equipment to Brazilian electrical sector industries.

More info: +55 (91) 3033-8331 |

Center of Excellence in Energy Efficiency Of The Amazon – Ceamazon (UFPA)

Center of research and development focused in the challenges of the energy efficiency, gathering five laboratories with the participation of researchers from the fields of the electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and architecture. Offers services like energy efficiency diagnosis and quality of electrical energy in buildings; industrial processes and installations; Systems of generation, transmission and distribution of electricity; Development of mitigation solutions to improve energy efficiency; Energy audit; Projects of intelligent and efficient electrical installations; Buildings certification for energy efficiency and environmental comfort; and computational intelligence techniques applied to Systems of generation, transmission and distribution of electricity.

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Center for the Valorization of Bioactive Compounds of the Amazon (UFPA)

Formed by a research group that has more than 20 years of experience in research of bioactive compounds of the Amazon, this laboratory offers services that make possible the quality control for products of plant origin in the areas of science and technology for food, pharmaceutics, Chemistry, biotechnology, cosmetology, and others. Among the services offered are: quality control for bioactive compounds and biochemical and functional aspects; determination of oxidant activity; Assessment of fatty acid profile; Determination of the centesimal composition and microbiological quality; natural products engineering; thermo-physical analysis; technology and development of new products; formulation and standardization of products; and others.

Laboratory of Biological Engineering (UFPA)

Specialized in the realization of services that demand genetic engineering techniques, production of recombinant proteins and other basic inputs for the biotechnological sector. Offers services like diagnosis; production of inputs and diagnosis kits; Nucleic acid sequencing; bioinformatics; production of recombinant molecules; maintenance and production of cells and quantification of gene expression.

Laboratory of Vegetable Oils and Derivatives (UFPA)

Specialized in the study of oilseeds to obtain products of current use in the chemical and food industries. It is certified by the National Agency of Oil. Offers services like complete Physicochemical analysis of vegetable oils; identification of best extraction method of a specified oilseed species; complete Physicochemical analysis of vegetable oil derivatives; Standardization of different types of vegetable oils from the Amazon; Catalytic tests and chemical processes more appropriate for vegetable oils and its derivatives; and study of new compositions of vegetable oils to industries of this sector.

LASSE – Telecommunications, Automation and Electronics Research and Development Center (UFPA)

The LASSE (Telecommunications, Automation and Electronics Research and Development Center) is an academic group of excellence that provides research and development of innovative technology solutions. It focuses on leveraging the economy in the state of Pará and the Amazon, as well as increasing the life quality of its citizens. It is a national reference in the use of technologies that involve designing new electronic equipments to various fields such as telecommunications, networking, precision agriculture, construction, mining, security (residential and commercial) and environmental monitoring.

LASSE provides the following Technologies to consulting, development and research:

Tools for the development of software and firmware for PCs and embedded systems(DSPs, FPGAs and microcontrollers); equipments for design and evaluation of telecommunication systems, with technologies such as LTE, LTE-A, 5G, sensors and telemetry networks; systems for treatment and acquisition of data (“loggers”, etc); Softwares for design of electronic systems development, including  printed circuit board and microelectronic circuits; high performance computing infrastructure provided by a Beowulf cluster that can be used in advanced simulation setups; evaluation boards for projects involving FPGAs, DSP’s, microcontrollers, analogic and radio-refrequency (RF) frontends, and Internet of Things(IoT) circuits; equipments and software for design, manufacture, assembly and testing of printed circuit boards featured with SMD and BGA components.

Phone: +55 (91) 3201-7181

Milk Quality Lab (In Deployment / UFPA)

With a total investment of about R $ 2.3 million, tha Milk Quality Lab, coordinated by the Program of Food Science and Technology, of the Federal University of Pará (UFPA), will be the first lab of its kind to operate in the North Region of Brazil. The goal is to track the origin of the Milk Production of the State of Pará, giving it quality control and a seal of quality. The report issued by the laboratory makes it possible for the producers to negotiate better the prices and commercialize their products in the entire Brazil.

Center of Advanced Studies in Biodiversity - Ceabio (In Deployment / UFPA)


AmazonFerr (In Deployment / UFPA)

Develops applied researches related to the structural analysis of railways, bridges, tunnels, rails, railway sleepers, bridges components, bearings and others.

Laboratory for Instrumentation of Agroindustrial Products (Embrapa)

Offers a structure of laboratorial analysis that is reference in supporting agronomical and agro industrial research in the state of Pará. Offers analysis services for biodiversity products for the food characterization and for the identification of agro toxics. Makes consulting for micro and small businesses from the food sector for the development of new products and processes, and others.

More Info: Dr. Marcos Oliveira: +55 (91) 9 9100-4533 /

Reference Laboratory in Phitosanity and Handling  (Embrapa)

Trained to realize virus diagnosis, bacterial diseases and Phytopathogenic fungi in plants.