Tocantins Park of Science and Technology – STP Tocantins

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The Tocantins Park of Science and Technology will be installed at the Tocantins Campus II of the Federal University of Pará, in the city of  Maraba, where there is a significant number of professionals holding  master’s and doctorate’s degrees. The place where the Park is supposed to be settled covers 2,5 hectares of the urban area of Marabá. The address is: Vê Dois [SB1] street, LEAF 17, Quarter 04, Special Plot, New Marabá.[SB2] 



The Park activities will initially focus on the areas of Mineral Technology and New Materials, Agricultural Research and Forestry Technology. [SB3] The Park is currently going through a phase of preparation studies and projects, which will allow territorial ordering ratifications, setting guidelines for operations, service net installations and governance and management models. These instruments correspond to the Master Plan, the Investment Attraction Plan and the Business Plan.



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