Inductor Environment of Technological Innovations

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       Teaching and Research Nets Structuring Services


It is a program focused on the promotion of the joint development of research projects that are reputed as strategic for the state of Pará and also on the development of highly aggregated value solutions for the expansion of the State economy.



-Technological Support Service


It is addressed to develop a platform of services to be offered by the universities and partner institutions to meet the demands and necessities of technological support for those companies established in the Park and in  other mechanisms of consolidation of Pará ventures.


– Competitive Intelligence Service


It has the purpose of structuring and operating a Competitive Intelligence Service which sustains the innovation system of Pará, and the establishment of policies to foster the attraction of intensive investments in knowledge.


Investment and Technology Promotion Services


Are intended to raise investments and technological partnerships, promote consolidation and installation of anchor companies in the Park as well as in the entire region and to intensify the development/implementation of State priority projects.  



Integration of Potentialities for the Park Business Promotion Services


It aims to enable the integration of companies potentialities and partner institutions, starting from the external demands and from the exploration of strategic interests of the State, by means of bringing them closer to those already well consolidated in the market. The aim is to promote solutions to meet competitive needs the companies already in the market.


Stimulus to the Venture Capital Services


It is the kind of service which may be performed by a partner institution. However, many parks in the world invest their own resources in risk capital companies in order to facilitate future financial returns and thus, generate their own investment capacity. The sustainability of such initiative will depend on the business model to be settled.

Basic Industrial Technology Service (BIC)


The BIC embraces the functions of metrology, normalization, technical regimentation and conformity evaluation (inspection, essays, certification and other authorization procedures, such as classification, registry and statement). To such basic functions, others are aggregated such as technological information, management technologies (initial emphasis on quality management) and intellectual property, areas generically named as services of technological infra-structure.


 Technological Property Support Services


This service is supposed to provide support to technology – based companies established in the Park and region offering lectures, courses and seminars, using the institution personnel and the company’s infra-structure in order to search, to edit patents and formulate contracts. Other attribution refers to the awareness and diffusion of information about intellectual property.


Entrepreneurship Motivational Services


It is responsible to stimulate, create, develop and consolidate ventures generating a more qualified demand to the Park. Its role is to interact with teaching and research institutions fostering research projects to become factual business. It is expected to stimulate the development of actions through a more dynamic process of generating new ventures of intensive and technological capital.

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