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The State Government of Pará and the Federal University of Pará search for the launching of a new development model. It is about a strategy of modernization that is based on the induction of the most qualified use of the regional natural resources and on the utilization of latent local potentialities. Such strategy requires on one side, the strengthening of both social and human capital at a State level, and on the other side the implementation of science, technology and innovation to the regional production. One of the actions proposed by the government to stimulate this development pattern refers to the institutional articulation of the Regional System of Innovation – an inductor of the economical development –  to the more intensive use of  science and technology in the production of goods and services of the State productive system. As instruments of implementation of such politics, the Science and Technology Parks – STP  have proved quite efficient.


The Guamá STP is an important support environment for the creation and consolidation of full rated technology companies which are environmentally adequate for the State of Pará. It may be consolidated as a fundamental element of  support and encouragement for the  creation and attraction of strategic companies into the State. It has been conceived as an optimizing link for the transference of scientific knowledge to the companies which generate products of high aggregated value. 

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