Guamá STP approves new resident enterprises

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The Innovation Space Building, of the Guamá Science and Technology Park, receives new ventures. The companies Center for Studies and Applications in Logistics and Environment (Cealma) and Environmental Logistics R Q LOG; and the startups Center for Research and Technology in Amazonian Biomes (CPT BioAmazon) and Multilevelbank now integrate the residents of the technology park.

Inaugurated in June of 2016 Government of Pará, the Innovation Space is an environment that stimulates innovative entrepreneurship, which brings together academic researchers and entrepreneurs from different sectors. Its nearly 8,000 square meters concentrate advanced Research and Development (R&D) laboratories focused on the areas of biotechnology and Information Technology and Communication; companies and startups with innovative profile.

The occupation of the rooms of the building is carried out by means of a continuous flow selection notice. Legal entities may participate, regularly constituted for at least two years, and individuals presenting startups projects. The full text of the edict and its attachments are available on the link.

About the new residents

Center for Studies and Applications in Logistics and Environment (Cealma) 

The mission of Cealma is to contribute to the promotion of sustainable development with solutions to reduce environmental risks and increase the effectiveness of the actions of governments, civil society and educational and research institutions in the economic, social and environmental areas, with knowledge, aiming at the dignity and better living conditions of the communities living in the Amazon.

Cealma operates in the market, through technical and scientific projects in the areas of logistics, environment, social assistance, publishing house and Information Technology.

Environmental Logistics R Q LOG

It operates in the state market with the goal of providing consulting, advisory and training services in the areas of Logistics Management, Environmental Logistics, International Logistics, Environmental Management and Solid Waste Management. The services and solutions depart from specific designs for each client, according to the understanding of their needs and expectations. It works with legal entities that have the internal and external commitment to efficient management and are aligned with the concept of sustainability.

Center for Research and Technology in Amazonian Biomes (CPT BioAmazon)

Acts in specific lines of research, seeking to integrate the various professionals who develop research in the region with the private sector. Research entities need to protect intellectual property and transfer technology more quickly to business, as the private sector is better able to develop products.

Thus, the Research Center seeks to make feasible projects and demands to find solutions and technologies to solve the problems that hinder the development of regional and national agribusiness, promoting scientific and technological activities as strategic for economic and social development.


The proposal is to consolidate a card issuer, with the use of mobile application and web platform, which intends to innovate the market through multi-level marketing, operating through cashbank (return of money on purchases made) in partnership with the chain of stores and e-commerce, bringing financial return to the adherents to this network and thus generating social impact. Another intended market is the e-wallet, through currency crypto like Bitcoin and others using blockchain technology.

In a simple way, the company receives 2.5% for each transaction made, and through the application will indicate partner stores, where it will receive a commission for each sale and it will be divided with the customer and its network, this commission varies from 3% to 6% and can offer discounts through the partnership to customers, thus offering loyalty to these stores and e-commerce.

About Guamá STP

Built in Belém, Guamá STP is the first technological park to be put into operation in the Amazon, in an area of 73 ha provided by the Federal University of Pará (UFPA) and the Federal Rural University of Amazonia (Ufra). The construction and consolidation of the space are the responsibility of the Government of Pará, through Sectet. In addition to Innovation Space, the technology park houses other projects in operation, such as the National Institute of Space Research (INPE); the Center of Excellence in Energy Efficiency of the Amazon (Ceamazon) and the Laboratory of High Voltage.

The Guamá STP has 14 institutions and companies approved for installation, of which 9 are already in operation; 12 startups working in the coworking space; 7 operating R & D laboratories and another 3 in implantation.

More information: +55(91) 3321-8900

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