Innovation Space of the Guamá Technology Park receives new companies

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Construction, education, engineering, veterinary, information technology and communication, food and beverages are the sectors of new enterprises and startups approved for installation in the Innovation Space Building, at the Guamá Science and Technology Park (Guamá STP) in Belém. Labovete, Gaudens, Vivá, Calman Brasil and Solved; And the startups Casa de Várzea, Grade 33 and Basis Comply now integrate the technology park.

The projects were reviewed by the Evaluation Committee for Residents of the Innovation Space Building , composed of representatives from the State Secretariat for Science, Technology and Technical and Technological Education (Sectet), the Brazilian Service for Support to Micro and Small Enterprises (Sebrae) and the Guamá Foundation for Science and Technology.

“The committee aims to select innovative initiatives, regardless of the area of activity, that could strengthen the region’s innovative entrepreneurship ecosystem. With these new approvals now the building counts on six R&D laboratories; A commercial laboratory; Ten companies and ten startups installed. Only 20 modules remain available for assignment”, says the managing director of the Guamá Foundation, Márcio Pereira.

New residents

Labovete is a veterinary diagnostic laboratory that offers analysis and tests for veterinary products and animal health, focusing on cattle. Serves local and national markets.

Gaudens has a national and international role in the food industry, developing chocolates and fine sweets, with the possibility of customization.

Vivá produces cachaça with organic jambu, from community producers and other products that use Amazonian bioactives.

Solved is a company in the sector of information technology that acts in the creation of solutions for geotechnology. It also acts in the diffusion of knowledge with the promotion of short and medium term courses in areas such as remote sensing, statistics, computing, geography, economics, geology, environmental monitoring and for coastal zone, among others.

Calman Brasil is a company in the laboratory sector that works with calibration validation, qualification, hydrostatic tests and maintenance of equipment.

Licit Brasil proposes the insertion of micro and small companies in bidding processes through an innovative proposal of virtual bidding department, with low level of financial expenditure, cutting-edge technology and qualified advice.

Among the startups is Casa de Várzea, which develops a house model in floodplain regions using a natural lifting system, preventing houses from being hit by river floods. Grade 33 is focused on education and engineering. It develops an educational framework model that uses on its surface a metallic film and pedagogical kits containing magnets, providing greater interaction in the teaching-learning relationship. Basis Comply has developed an intelligent fiscal audit system that aims to facilitate the tax and tax audit process in companies in the commerce sector.

Partnerships – The Innovation Space Building was inaugurated by the government in June 2016. It is a stimulating environment for innovative entrepreneurship, which brings together researchers, academics and entrepreneurs from different sectors. The modules are occupied by means of a continuous flow selection notice. Legal entities may participate, regularly constituted for at least two years, and individuals who present startups projects. The full text of the edict and annexes is available on the site of the technology park,

Guamá STP is located in an area of 73 hectares, provided by the Federal University of Pará (UFPA) and Federal Rural University of Amazonia (Ufra). It is the first technology park to start operating in the Amazon. The construction and consolidation of the space are responsibility of the Government of Pará, through Sectet. In addition to the Innovation Space Building, the technological park houses other projects in operation, such as the Amazon Regional Center of the National Institute of Space Research (CRA / Inpe); The Center of Excellence in Energy Efficiency of the Amazon (Ceamazon), the Milk Quality Laboratory and the Laboratory of High and Extra High Voltage.

More info: +55(91) 3321-8900.

Text by: Juliane Frazão
Translation by: Matheus Castelo Branco

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