Temple Innovation Program selects three startups

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The communication agency will co-create solutions in Sports Marketing, Information Technology and Social Communication.

Ideas capable of transforming the reality in which we live. This is the essence of the startups Nativos, yFit APP and Nois2, the first technology companies selected in this edition of Helix. Temple Communication’s innovation program, which aims to develop creative solutions for the corporate world, has chosen three of the 12 finalist projects presented in Pitch Day. The result was announced on Thursday, 22nd, and is available on www.temple.com.br/helix

Starting in August, the three companies will start to develop their projects at Temple, using the agency’s infrastructure, which has 19 years of experience in the corporate market and a broad portfolio of clients interested in innovation. For six months, the agency will provide all the necessary structure for ideas to take shape before going to the market, as a kind of laboratory, giving advice and mentoring from experts in the field of innovation and technology.

Cleide Pinheiro, director of the agency, believes that the program represents the new moment of the company, which is following the changes in the communication market. “This first edition will insert us into this ecosystem of innovation in a strategic way. The ideas presented have the potential to bring new businesses to the agency, and to show to the communications market that it is possible to grow collaboratively”, she said.


Of the 12 finalist ideas, the chosen projects have brought efficient solutions to the demands of the corporate market. The possibility of allying the sport to the life of executives who live in transit, traveling for work, attracted the interest of the evaluators. The startup yFit App has created a system, which already operates in an experimental way, to offer a network of accredited gyms aimed at professionals who want to interrupt the routine of physical activities. This counterpart of the agency totals an investment equivalent to R$400,000.

The idea, which met the area of Sports Marketing, required in the announcement, has the potential of reaching 850 thousand people, on a national scale. “One thing I saw in Belém was the lack of startup programs focused in businesses, for the large-scale development. And I saw in Temple the opportunity of bringing the idea to reality, a really rare opportunity in the region”, said Júlio Almeida, startup CEO.

The desire to solve a problem that many companies find to open a commercial point in Belem was the starting point of the project CARTE.PLACE, of Nois2 that is developing a platform of Information Georeferencing of collection and data organization specific to the neighborhoods of the capital . According to Samuel Burlamaqui, designer and mentor of the proposal, the program aims to fill the gap of lack of qualified information for those who want to open a business.

“The project is well advanced, with prototype and business modeling completed. What is missing now is putting the idea in the market and prospecting customers. I believe Helix will give us this push”, believes the designer.

Focusing on the experience market, Nativos has developed a Market Place application to connect people to new leisure opportunities in the city: meeting a radical sport, an unusual party or SUP class. “I see all the time people complaining that there is not a lot of leisure diversity. But that is not true. The idea was designed to bring event entrepreneurs closer to an audience that wants to venture further”, explained Thaissa Bordalo, mentor of the platform.

The other participants are receiving feedbacks from the agency, with guidelines for project improvements, which in the future may participate in other partnerships.


The morning of Pitch Day was marked by the diversity of the finalist projects, which met all the five axes requested in the edict: Social Communication, Sustainable Business, Human and Social Sciences, Sports Marketing and Information Technology.

The bank that evaluated had the expertise of the directors Alan Cativo, Cleide Pinheiro, Mirtes Morbach and Verena Morais and the invited Iara Oliveira (UFPA), Zilma Nascimento (Ideflor), Antônio Abelém (Science and Technology Park), André Pontes (Sebrae -Pa) and the communication coordinator of Alubar, Mônica Alvarez, representative of the agency’s clients.

“This is a proposal that must be continued in Temple even to oxygenate the market, oxygenate the Temple and the companies”, said Mônica Alvarez, communications coordinator for Alubar.

For Antônio Abelém, director of the UFPa Technological Park, the projects presented reflected the ecosystem of startups from Pará. “Our market needs to mature. The proposal of Temple is interesting because as for the communication agency the company has much to contribute with the projects, which need communication and marketing professionals”, he said.

Text by – Elianna Homobono (Temple Comunicação)
Translation by – Matheus Castelo Branco (Guamá STP)

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