Association of Terra Firme neighborhood receives donation of computer

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On Thursday, 30, Inteceleri, a company resident in Guamá STP, donated a computer and kits from Matematicando, a game in which colors and neurolinguistic activities are associated with mathematical operations to facilitate learning, for the Association of Association of Residents Gabriel Pimenta, from the Terra Firme neighborhood.

The donation of the equipment was articulated in December 2016, during the Solidarity Christmas, an action proposed by the Guamá STP that annually attends around 200 children in the Terra Firme neighborhood. The computer and tablets, donated in December, will be used to equip the computer room that will be used by the children attending the association’s school and also the community.

“We are pleased to attend to the association and contribute to the teaching of these children. Let’s empower the teachers of the association so they can apply Matematicando in the classroom”, said Walter Jr., owner of Inteceleri.

“We want the actions of the technology park to also have a positive impact on the surrounding communities. The Solidarity Christmas is a punctual action that represents the beginning of a work that intends, more and more, to involve and create solutions to the problems of the neighborhoods around us”, said Antônio Abelém, PCT Guamá’s CEO.

The Amazon Regional Center of the National Space Research Institute (CRA / Inpe), one of Natal Solidário’s partners, is also finishing the process of donating computers to the association.

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