Resident Startups promote integration event

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This Friday, 10, the startup residents of Module 9 coworking, a shared work space that works in the Guama STP Innovation Space Building, organized the I Meetup Oca, an event focused on sharing ideas to stimulate the city’s innovative ecosystem.

In addition to the startups connected to the technology park, entrepreneurs related to different entrepreneurial communities also participated: Açaí Valley, Technological Innovation Agency of the Federal University of Pará (Universitec / UFPa), TaSafo, and others.

The event involved a pitch presentation for startups to share their solutions, interaction dynamics and beer-break. “Today’s event has emerged from our weekly meetings on Friday, when we have a beer and more relaxedly talk about the week, exchange experiences on sales, software development or communication, for example. We decided to expand this and call other startups, this was our test event, most closed and targeted. For the next meetups we intend to promote and open to more people”, said Fábio Chaar, one of the organizers of the event.

People who came approved the format and the possibility of networking. “I liked it a lot, I was able to meet other people with challenges similar to those we face in our daily lives. It was great for networking”, said Kátia Omura, entrepreneur incubated at StartupLab, Universitec.

For more information on startups residing at PCT Guamá, click here.

Picture – Luana Reichelt
Text – Juliane Frazão
Translation – Matheus Castelo Branco

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